* Stone carving teaching at Pixar Animation Studios: "Zahava is an exceptionally talented artist and art instructor. She has worked with a wide range of professionals from Pixar and has challenged them all and taught them at a very high level. She is personable, smart and a clear communicator." Elyse Klaidman, Director, Pixar University and Archive at Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, CA

* Stone and Clay student: "We often hear Benjamin Zander when we're in Boston. He is so great! Everybody leaves feeling high. Not so different from your classes. In fact, you are the same kind of teacher he is, believing in your students from the very beginning and knowing in your heart what the transforming power of art is. Music or stone or clay or whatever it is, it brings us to a different place. A place of endless possibilities. You said to one of us clay people one day, "Tell me what you want to do and I'll show you how to do it." That might have been Ben Zander talking." Jane T. Rosen, Oakland, CA

* Stone student: "Zahava has been my sculpture teacher for 13 years. Zahava combines two important qualities for me in a teacher: encouragement to learn and create but also a critical eye to improve and advance. She has established a wonderful art studio and school where we her students make art together in a spirit of fun and mutual support. And many of us have progressed under her guidance from novices to accomplished artists. Zahava is your best guide for your artistic development." Christopher Flores, Engineer, Oakland, CA

* Art Collector: "Zahava's work is extraordinary - beautiful to look at and yet so personal in the feelings the pieces evoke. I feel fortunate to have been able to purchase several pieces by Zahava over the years. They bring us joy, and always elicit lots of .compliments." Betsy Cotton, Lawyer and Activist, Oakland, CA

* St. Mary's Center Oakland, Homeless Senior Center, African American Healing Circle; What SMC Senior Artists say about Zahava:

• Places herself at service to this community • Encourages and invites people to work creatively. • A wonderful companion, coach, and teacher. • Brings the fulcrum of resources to help people do what they are attempting to do. • Asks, “What does it mean to you?” • Guides and teaches without using a lot of words.

* "I have had the gift of knowing Zahava for years and remain continually in awe of the heart, intuition, and boundless creativity with which she meets life. Her work as a sculptor challenges the laws of physics (witness her “floating” flowers – carved from alabaster no less!) as vigorously as it challenges our assumptions about the limits of what the medium can express. She is as much a Muse as she is a Teacher. It is through her work, that I’ve come to experience stone as something soulful, sensual, and full of light. If you've ever been curious about exploring your creativity, don't hesitate to take her class." Christopher Miles, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Astrologer, San Rafael, CA

* Stone and Clayprinting student: "I am loving the class, thank you. You are a wonderful teacher, and I think you are "tricking" me-- a cool trick -- into shedding my issues with liking what I do. I do not want to be like the women you were talking about who have self-esteem issues (of course I am, it is endemic, but I can let go). I felt on the spot in the class to speak up and say out loud that yes, I like my own work!  It is not so easy but it is so necessary. I think you are wise -- the Chochma - is in your studio.
Just a note of appreciation from me to you." Lorraine L., Berkeley, CA

* Clay student at an elder center: "I thought [the art exhibit] was a lovely event.  The grace, gentleness and respect your bring to your teaching, Zahava, is just you, and being a part of creating the show is as joyful as working with the clay.  Thank you so much for becoming part of us here.  I can't wait to begin again on Tuesday! " Gerre M., Oakland, CA