Artist Statement


I am a painter and a sculptor.

My paintings are an abandoned dance in color, an antidote to the world we live in. My inspiration comes from nature, poetry, and joyful emotional experiences.                          
I begin with a clay print, transfer it onto geotextile, mount it on a board, and add mixed media. I end up with abstract mixed media 2-dimensional art.

As a sculptor I focus on issues of immigration, migration, refugees, and human rights. I come from a long lineage of Jewish nomads, including the last five consecutive generations. My people are immigrants/refugees that fled countries and continents due to physical, political, or economic survival. From my ancestors and my own experience with immigration, twice, I absorbed bits and pieces of many cultures, several languages, culinary ethnic delights, stories galore and particular humor, but also the hardships of prosecutions, wars, and social injustice.                                                                                
I sculpt in clay, stone, and mixed media.