In this series I use color, movement and light to depict my belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Light is infinite and unrestricted by our bodies’ life span. Light is benevolent and unites us while oppressions and stated differences are based on transient fears.

APERO Gallery and Fine Art Catalogue, ‘Balance’, December 2018, 2nd Place Winner.
Curator Review: “InBodied Light, Man 1” – The saturation of color ad glow of light in this work is as important to this sculpture as its subject. This luminescent figurative work by artist Zahava Sherez can be seen as a simplification of likeness, color and shape. Sherez’s sensitive ability to reduce this piece to its core emotionality with her use of minimalism, is both moving and eloquent.” – E.E. Jacks
Woman 1, frontWoman 1, view BWoman 1, detailMan 1, frontMan 1, view BMan 1, detailMan & Woman 1Man 2, frontMan 2, view BMan 2, view CMan 2, detailWoman 2, frontWoman 2, view BWoman 2, view CWoman 2, detail