Zahava Sherez

Artist Statement

I am an international contemporary artist and spiritual activist collected and exhibited in the US from coast to coast and internationally from China to Paris, Chile to London, Israel to Argentina, Cuba to Mexico. 

I come from a long lineage of immigrants and refugees and am a citizen of four countries across three continents. I have experienced the magnificent differences in many cultures, and I have seen how profoundly similar we all are; therefore, I embrace all cultures, traditions and the highest level of spirituality. My experiences have taught me that humanity is but One Race. 

Since the beginning (1990) of my art journey the message behind my sculptures has been focused on the injustices toward people that have to relocate or flee, and the hardships they endure. 

In 2015 I was suddenly drawn to create with paint, learning new techniques and exploring my creativity in a new and surprising way. I became captivated by the process and enjoyed working with color. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this artistic shift signified a pivotal moment in my understanding of humanity. It was during this period, as I translated poems and lifelong spiritual concepts into abstract paintings, that a transformative portal opened. Something profound and significant was emerging. 

In 2017 I started having dreams and visions of light sculptures carrying messages of love appearing to me as abstract shapes. Although I couldn’t fully grasp their significance at the time, I chose to surrender to the unfolding process and allowed them to guide me. By 2018 I found myself sculpting with newfound clarity and passion, as if driven by a higher purpose. Sculptures began to emerge, flowing out of me, as if birthing them out of my hands. Eventually I understood that Beings were coming to be part of the InBodied Light Project. They carry a profound message about a new humanity – by perceiving ourselves as interconnected cells in a unified body, engulfed in an all-inclusive energetic field, we can transcend societal man-made divisions. This perspective invites us to recognize the interconnectedness of all individuals and embrace our shared destiny as a whole, our growth as a species, and the perpetuity of life energy. 

While based on the human form these Beings are purposely faceless, ageless, gender neutral, and do not have any human skin color, resonating with all of humanity. 

Each sculpture is both no one and everyone exemplifying the message I learned all those years ago that we are, in fact, All One.

Light is a central element to this work’s message as we are connected to all and everything by vibrational energy. The highly texturized surface of the resin makes light bounce off the various facets and also travel through the resin creating an inner glow. This radiance engulfs the sculptures and the individual viewer as one.

The technique and the materials I use result in luminous and numinous Beings.