Artist Statement

I am a painter and a sculptor. Whatever medium I work with, I push it and myself beyond the traditional creative boundaries by combining unconventional materials such as clay with fabric, resin with mixed media, or oil pastels and paintsticks on clay monoprints printed on geotexile.

As I am multi-cultural, I am influenced by many traditions, by immigrants’ struggles, and by my spiritual beliefs that evolved through my life journey.

My sculptures in the series “InBodied Light” express the idea that we are all one connected through the Light. The materials I use — polymer, pigments, mixed media, and light — reflect this understanding.

The series “On Immigration“ and “Women Warriors” focus on the hardships of nomads. I come from a long lineage of immigrants who fled countries and continents due to physical, political, or economic survival. I create figures using earth tones and rough texture to represent the suffering, the journeys, and the strength needed to survive. I work clay as a carver using knives and wooden sticks, subtracting, uncovering what’s within rather than building up. 

With my paintings I celebrate the diversity, cultural richness, spiritual beliefs, and literature of these cultures. The vibrant colors, depth, and movement in my series “Painted Poems” and “Color and Light” represent that. The process for my two-dimensional abstract artwork begins by producing a clay monoprint on geotextile then I mount it on a board to which I add mixed media. Each painting is inspired by a poem or a story.

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