Artist Statement

I was born into a historically persecuted people. I have experienced immigrations, wars, oppression, loss and lived in four countries. While the cultures I have been exposed to taught me the magnificent differences between them, the most important thing I learned is how profoundly alike we are.

Scientists, psychologists, cardiologists, hospice caretakers, clergymen/women, Joseph Campbell, channeled information, fractals, kabbalah, and my personal and ancestral experiences have been my teachers, showing me that there is an energetic field that connects all and everything.

To translate these ideas and emotions into art using shapes and colors requires guidance – I find it in my meditations. The idea itself dictates the materials I use, e.g. to emphasize the energy that we are beyond flesh and bones, I use bronze to represent the solidity of the body, combined with highly texturized and reflective resin polymer.

While I know my story is uniquely mine, I also know that it is an amalgam of the collective, another point in a fractal geometric pattern; the energy field that unites all affects us as one. We are much more than meets the eye.

It is on these truths that I focus in my art.