Zahava Sherez

Artist Statement

I am an international contemporary artist collected and exhibited in the US from coast to coast and internationally from China to Paris, Chile to London, Israel to Argentina, Mexico to Tasmania.

 I come from a long lineage of immigrants and refugees and am a citizen of four countries across three continents. I have had the privilege of experiencing the magnificent differences in global cultures and know how profoundly similar we all are; therefore, I embrace all cultures and traditions and the highest level of spirituality.

 My series InBodied Light is about humanity and the labels imposed on humans separating us into groups based on color, race, sex, and ethnicity causing divisions, oppressions, and violence. By holding the possibility that the division of humanity into ‘sub-races’ is a man-made fabrication, we can look at ourselves with new eyes embracing the notion that we are One Race.

 While based on the human form these Light Beings are purposely faceless, ageless, and gender neutral, resonating with all of humanity. Each sculpture is both no one and everyone exemplifying my message that we are, in fact, All One.

 As we are connected to all and everything by vibrational energy, Light is a central element to this work’s message. The highly texturized surface of the resin makes light bounce off the various facets and travel through the resin creating a glow. This radiance engulfs the sculptures and the individual viewer as one. The technique and the materials I use result in luminous and numinous Beings.

 The complete installation consists of 50 sculptures ranging from 2-7 feet tall.