Zahava Sherez


ZaHaVa Sherez is an international contemporary artist and spiritual activist who has been using her art since 1990 to give voice to social justice, human rights, immigrants, and refugees. ZaHaVa was born in Argentina, raised in Israel, and moved to the United States in 1985. Since 2018, she has been living and working primarily in Jalisco, MX.

Having lived in multiple cultures and witnessed the rich differences between them, she was able to see the fundamental similarities that make divisions obsolete. As an artist, she draws inspiration from the lessons of her life and has employed materials such as stone, clay, resin, bronze, mixed media, and color to convey her messages.

Her latest work, “InBodied Light” (, is a large sculptural project that visually represents the message “We are one!” To better illustrate this concept, Sherez designed these sculptures without the human definitions that divide us, opting instead to use a material where light becomes the central element. This emphasizes the common field and our connection with everything and everyone through Light and Vibrational Energy – silent and powerful beings transforming with their presence.

Sherez has been a professional artist for over 30 years, has received numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited from California to New York, as well as in Paris, China, Corsica, Mexico, and chosen for the London Art Biennale 2023. Her work is owned by private and corporate collectors in the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, Tasmania, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, Peru, and Mexico.