“InBodied Light” 2017- Ongoing

This series continues to be produced, planned as an international traveling show beginning January 2023. 

By holding the possibility that the division of humanity into ‘sub-races’ is a man-made fabrication, we can look at ourselves with new eyes grasping the notion that we are one race. 

Based on my own life experiences, and being a citizen of four countries, I know for sure that our similarities as humans are far greater than our wonderful differences. The similarities are fundamental and belong to One People.

The complete “InBodied Light” project consists of 50 Beings made from resin, pigments, mixed media, bronze, and light, ranging from 2-7 feet tall. Each Being is faceless and genderless becoming no one and everyone at the same time. Light is a core element of this work as it depicts the vibrational energy that runs through all and everything connecting us as one. I chose resin as it interacts well with light allowing it to flow through and bounce off the textured surface of each piece connecting the pieces to each other and to the viewer.