Zahava Sherez

Curators Comments

”Art is not often passive or silent. It can hold fantasy, depict reality, convey emotion, carry gravitas, transport one to other places, and trigger a physical reaction. The art of ZaHaVa Sherez is engaging and inspiring. First, I find myself glancing, then staring, and before I know it I’ve become transfixed by the image, light, and reflection. Without any warning you are transported, but to where? Only you can make that journey.”
         Marilyn Turkovich, executive Director Charter for Compassion International
“The saturation of color and glow of light in this work [“InBodied Light, Being 2” (renamed)] is as important to this sculpture as its subject. This luminescent figurative work by artist Zahava Sherez can be seen as a simplification of likeness, color and shape. Sherez’s sensitive ability to reduce this piece to its core emotionality with her use of minimalism, is both moving and eloquent.”
          E.E. Jacks, Apero Gallery, December 2018
“As a Los Angeles-based Curator, Gallerist, and Fine Art Dealer, I have come across hundreds of artists in my 17 year career in the fine art world. Once in a while you meet an artist or review a body of work that stands out in the vast sea of art as being truly special and noteworthy…. [such as] Zahava Sherez and her Inbodied Light series of sculptures.” –
          Dale Youngman, Los Angeles, 2021
“Congratulations! We’re delighted to inform you that you have been approved for membership in New England Sculptors Association (NESA).  Your work is spectacular! “
            Elisa Adams, President of New England Sculptors Association
One thinks of sculpture as a weighted mass of clay, being brought to life by the hands and soul of the artist.  As a sculptor myself, I realized this viewpoint was myopic when I crossed paths with   Zahava Sherez’s “InBodied Light “.  As a juror for Spirit of Resilience, my criterion was shared with the show’s curator, Renee Phillips, early in the process.  It seemed pretty objective to me including beauty, strength, use of space and empathy.  Zahava’s work exemplifies all of these.  But how do I objectify that “hook“ that stops an observer from walking by, sparking their curiosity.  I have to say that it is her use of light, color and shadows, while depicting two figures, a man and a woman.   How does she achieve this beautiful, translucent, organic and ember-like effect with materials such as resin and polymer thread.  The weightlessness of her figures, along with the puzzle-like relationship between them, tells her story.  Her spiritual belief that “we are all one connected through light…that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  My beliefs as well, validated by my connection to her art.”
              Statement from Dr. Janet Jordan
“…her use of light, color and shadows. The weightlessness of her figures, along with the puzzle-like relationship between them, tells her story. “
             Dr. Janet Jordan, juror 
“The inspirational three-dimensional forms of female and male torsos glow and exude the powerful spirit of human resilience.”
             Renée Phillips, curator Manhattan Arts International
“As an ‘art as activism’ curator, I have had the privilege to work with Zahava Sherez on a number of exhibitions on themes of social justice. She not only creates beauty with unconventional materials, but Zahava’s work in sculpture, painting and installations are portrayed with deep personal meaning and are impactful in revealing the complexities of the human condition. I look forward to working with her on future exhibitions.”
             Karen Gutfreund, Activist Curator/Artist
Zahava Sherez, Zahava Sherez Art, creates awe-inspiring symbolic “InBodied Light” sculptures. She  is renowned as an innovative pioneer who uses unique materials in both painting and sculpture. Her enlightened and expressive art has attracted many individual collectors and corporations worldwide. She states, “I use color, movement and light to depict my belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”