Zahava Sherez

The InBodied Light Project by ZaHaVa Sherez

One Humanity - Global Art Tour

The Charter for Compassion and the InBodied Light Project have formed a unique partnership to bring to the world the message of equality and human rights through the arts.

What is the InBodied Light Project?

By holding the possibility that the division of humanity into ‘sub-races’ is a man-made fabrication, we can look at ourselves with new eyes embracing the notion that we are One Tribe. The project includes 50 faceless and genderless sculptures, 2-7 feet tall, that are both no one and everyone representing each and all on this planet.

Production is complete and we are beginning to travel the world!
2023 to Mexico City, Havana Cuba, and San Juan Puerto Rico.
2024 to the USA.
2025 to Europe.

How can you help?

When you donate through the link of this page you will be contributing:

*  To the ongoing shipping costs allowing us to continue reaching as many people as possible.

* Your contribution supports the Charter for Compassion as 10% of each dollar goes to the Charter.

* Your donation is tax deductible as the Charter is a 501(c)(3).

A win-win-win!!!

Z + Beings

Who is ZaHaVa Sherez?

ZaHaVa is an international contemporary artist and activist who has been using her art for social justice since 1992.
She lived in diverse cultures – Argentina, Israel, USA, Mexico which brought her to understand human fundamental similarities that make divisions obsolete.

Can we count on your help?