Zahava Sherez

Clayprinting?! What is it?

A Clayprint is a multi-colored, archival, monotype with a multi llayered surface and deep rich color.  This is how it’s done:

Technique 1
  1. I create a thin wooden frame of any desired size about 1/4 -1/3” deep.


  2. I fill it up with a thin slab of clay. This is the Matrix.
technique 2
technique 3
  1. I mix Kaolin Grolegg (Engish China clay) with water to create a base slip. To that I add colorants to create my palette of colors I’ll use in this particular painting.
  2. I apply these to the matrix, by brush and other methods, layer by layer until the desired base image is created.
technique 4
technique 5

5. I place a moistened piece of fabric over the matrix. This his the substrate.

6. I transfer the image onto the fabric by using a rolling pin, muscles and a lot of patience.

7. A thin layer of colored clay adheres itself to the substrate and permanently bonds to it.  I lift the image off the matrix and hang it to dry.

technique 6
  1. When dry this becomes my canvas, I mount it on a board and add mixed media.


  2. When I’m satisfied with the results I sign it, call it by its name and my photographer documents it. Now my one of a kind new painting is ready for you!
Opening/Apertura Medium: Acrylics, oil pastels, collage and paintsticks on clayprint Size : 29 x 30 Inches