Zahava Sherez

Endings and Beginnings

Hi all,

It has been a minute and a half since my last newsletter.

So much has happened since!

While many of us were celebrating the various Holidays, the world has been dealing with much trauma, sorrow, and violence. The many countries I call home seem to be going in and out of financial, political, and violent chaos as an endless pattern…. 

All that has been very much on my mind while I have been busy, busy, busy! 

*December – for me 2023 ended with selling my home of 15 years in Oakland, California and making my life in Mexico more permanent.


*January – the year began on a very high note! I organized and participated in the most sacred international spiritual retreat, January 3-11. People came from Tasmania, the UK, all over the US, and from various places in Mexico, and gathered in an amazing private property on Lake Chapala. We had an absolute blast while flying high and going deep.

A photo of the lake taken from the house we were staying

Now I’m ready to roll my sleeves and make another year a totally fun and successful life and art journey. 

This is what I know so far:

*January – Cali Intramuros Gallery in Ajijic, Jalisco, MX, a magical spot on Lake Chapala, continues to represent me. They have 16 of my sculptures from the “InBodied Light Project” and a few paintings from my “Portal” series. If you live on lakeside, or are visiting, go see some amazing art at Cali Gallery on Ocampo 30, Ajijic. 

*February – “Process” my first show of the year opens February 9 in ArtWorks Downtown, San Rafael, CA and runs through March 23. 

This is is an exhibition showcasing the work of 22 Bay Area, self identified women, non-binary and BIPOC artists with work that pushes back against the patriarchal canon and elevates what may be considered “women’s work”.

Bay Area people: do not miss it! It is a most wonderful show! 

Curatorial Tour and Artist Talk via ZOOM on Wednesday, March 6th, 6:00 p.m. PT. Check the Curators website ( ) or the gallery’s website closer to the date for more info and how to register! It’s free, open to all and will be lively!  Process Artist Talk!

*May – a 3-week artist residency in north GREECE!! 

I’m beyond excited to have been invited by Eutopia Art Residencies to be part of “Spring in Greek nature” in Toxotes, Greece, May 10-31, 2024. Perfect timing and a perfect location to move on to the next art/life chapter continuing to follow the messages of the Beings/Light/Love. When I know what that looks like I will share with you for sure. 

*April-May – once again, I am a finalist for the Guggenheim Fellowship Grant! I am thrilled! I hope this is the year I become a Guggenheim Fellow! They announce this year’s fellows in April or May. Please send good vibes my way. 

I hope you enjoyed your holidays in spite of the difficulties we are witnessing in various parts of the world. Hold your loved ones tight! 

Here is to a wonderful and peaceful 2024!