Zahava Sherez

The "InBodied Light" Story

After years of working on the “InBodied Light” project/installation I’m thrilled to tell you that its completion is in sight!!

While I have shared with you images of various sculptures (and sold you quite a few…Thank you!) during the last few years, the time has come to tell you the full story.

It has been magical! 

In order to not overwhelm you with one long post I will divide it into several ‘Chapters’.

Chapter 1

The journey began in 2017. I just didn’t know it at the time.

That year I created the first 2 sculptures in clay in my Oakland, CA studio. I brought them with me to Mexico in early 2018, looking for the right place to complete my vision. I visited a foundry in Zapopan, Guadalajara, MX, Art21Studio, to see their process and assess their quality and cost. I was impressed, and immediately decided to work with them on these two sculptures.

I considered casting them in bronze but that didn’t feel right. I chose resin. It was my first time ever working with resin as my medium. I wasn’t sure why I made that decision,  but the feeling was very strong that resin was the way to go.

Together with Francisco Quiroz, founder and owner, and Lupita, the assistant, we created samples of resin with various pigments and ideas for mixed media inside the resin.

I decided my palette would be the full spectrum from dark amber to light butter tones. Dark amber for these two, and the rest in case I decided to create more.

The entire process was fascinating, and for the very first time in years I was learning something completely new. It was utterly exciting, fun, and playful.

A couple of weeks later I was called back to see the finished pieces. They were waiting for me outside in the sun. They literally took my breath away! My heart began pounding, and my eyes filled with tears. I recognized that this work was coming through me, but not born of me.

I was completely filled with love and gratitude.

Being #1 and Being #2 were born.

From then on I began to receive messages in my meditations, my dreams, and even during the day. The one question I kept hearing was: “It’s your choice. Are you willing to take this on?” I didn’t know at the time what that meant,  but my answer was always “Yes!”.

I keep saying YES!

Stay tuned! Next chapter is coming in a couple of weeks….

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