Zahava Sherez

Following my very emotional experiences in the creation of Being 1 and Being 2, I continued working in my studio in Oakland, CA,  and created Beings 3 and 4.  All of these early Beings 1-4 range from  20-24 inches high.

Soon thereafter came Beings 5 and 6, first ones created in my studio in Chapala.

These two were larger – 39 and 42 inches high. They were growing, and so was my momentum! 

The messages now were speaking to me about Humanity as One Race, about the Light within, about the Light that connects all.

It was during this time that the messages became more specific and detailed,  and led me to understand the importance of resin as a medium. It became clear to me that the choice of resin was very important, as light interacts beautifully with that material, bouncing off the irregular edges and interacting with the form, making light a crucial element within this work.

My design for the beings is abstracted and expressionist, evolving as a continuation of years of working similarly in clay. I created sculptures devoid of characteristics that could invite labels of color, race, sex, and ethnicity – the traits that create sub-groups perpetuating oppression, violence, and discrimination.  By using the human body as a starting point but peeling away all aspects that could invite stereotyping, I was able to achieve a generic, unisex figure. By keeping them faceless and gender-neutral, the beings are both no one and everyone – clearly stating: We Are One!

The year was 2019. By December I retired from teaching to focus entirely on this project. Twenty five years of teaching came to an end. It was a major decision, yet I had no idea how much my life, and the world, were about to change.

By March 2020 the Corona Virus shut the world down. I was in Mexico than and chose to stay.

Stay tuned! Chapter 3 is coming….

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