Zahava Sherez

The “InBodied Light” Story Chapter 7

During 2020-2022 I got healthier and stronger, I was asked to change the spelling of my name from Zahava to ZaHaVa, and people started showing up in my life offering their support. My team has gradually been created. 

All that I’ve asked for I have received. 

By now I am surrounded and supported by wonderful people from various parts of the world. All slowly, smoothly, and organically becoming part of this project creating the InBodied Light Team, aka as ZaHaVa’s Team: production people, curators, PR people, agents, marketing advisers, light and sound engineer, spiritual teachers, personal and emotional support, social media, translators, hands on people, directors of global companies dealing with compassion and human rights, all being drawn into the energy of the InBodied Light project and message, excitedly volunteering or offering their time and expertise at a very reduced fee.

All this major support, from above and from peers and colleagues, is new to me, and while I know the project and these Beings have an energy of their own attracting the perfect people to get us ready for what’s coming, I still am going through a learning curve of accepting all this love and help. 

Who is financing all of this, you ask?

Next chapter will tell you all about it. Yes, it’s coming in 2 weeks.

To see more and/or purchase a Being for yourself, please visit this online gallery that represents my work in the US.