Zahava Sherez

The Magic Continues

Well, even though I haven’t written a new chapter about the story of the InBodied Light project, let me assure you that the story, the evolution, and the magic definitely continue daily, some days even minute by minute. Much of what has been happening still needs to be kept under wraps (shucks!!!) but it is SO exciting that I needed to write a few words about it and share it with you.

Now my connection to my Guides is not so much through messages but through a constant conversation, showing me the way, the words, to respond and communicate with world known individuals, some are heads of major organizations, some are high ranking people in fortune 500 companies, some are world leaders, spiritual, political, and more.

I am positive that the next newsletter you receive will contain specific details and, hopefully, I will already have dates for the exhibit locations, for the opening nights, for the artist talks, and for the discussion panels I’m planning to create for each country and each location. 

I’m going to leave you with a short video that Francisco Quiroz took of a ‘mini exhibit’ (only 15-20 sculptures) in his own gallery at the foundry, Art21Studio, in Guadalajara, JAL., MX.