Zahava Sherez

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 1

The “InBodied Light” Story After years of working on the “InBodied Light” project/installation I’m thrilled to tell you that its completion is in sight!! While I have shared with you images of various sculptures (and sold you quite a few…Thank you!) during the last few years, the time has come to tell you the full […]

The “InBodied Light” Story-Chapter 2

The “InBodied Light” Story-Chapter 2 Following my very emotional experiences in the creation of Being 1 and Being 2, I continued working in my studio in Oakland, CA,  and created Beings 3 and 4.  All of these early Beings 1-4 range from  20-24 inches high. Soon thereafter came Beings 5 and 6, first ones created […]

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 3

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 3 The year was 2020. Everything felt surreal. Covid took over the world, and fear paralyzed many. I was heart broken about what I was hearing from friends and loved ones afar, while my experience in Chapala, MX was dramatically different. We took all the precautions that the rest of […]

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 4

As I began to increase the size of my work, some challenges presented themselves. My years of working with various materials, constructing support for my own work and that of my students, and experience working with manual and electric tools came in very handy when faced with the complications of creating the largest sculpture.  It […]

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 5

It was Summer of 2021 and I was feeling good about my progress. I thought I was close to completion as I had successfully created the 7 ft tall Being I was tasked to make. “Not quite” I was told. “The project in its entirety will include 50 sculptures of various sizes, with 30 of […]

The “InBodied Light” Story, Chapter 6

I can hear you asking: “What does she mean when she says she ‘hears messages’?What is the story of being guided, directed, and told what to do from ‘spiritual guides’?!” The time has come to tell you about my life-long connection to Higher Realms.  I was born seeing and hearing things in a manner that […]

The “InBodied Light” Story Chapter 7

During 2020-2022 I got healthier and stronger, I was asked to change the spelling of my name from Zahava to ZaHaVa, and people started showing up in my life offering their support. My team has gradually been created.  All that I’ve asked for I have received.  By now I am surrounded and supported by wonderful […]

The “InBodied Light” Story Chapter 8

I want to thank you for hanging in there and accepting the possibility of this journey.  By holding the possibility that the division of humanity into ‘sub-races’ is a man-made fabrication, we can look at ourselves with new eyes grasping the notion that we are one race. Based on my own life experiences, being a […]

The Magic Continues Well, even though I haven’t written a new chapter about the story of the InBodied Light project, let me assure you that the story, the evolution, and the magic definitely continue daily, some days even minute by minute. Much of what has been happening still needs to be kept under wraps (shucks!!!) but it […]